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Rubbish collection workers, waste management, recycling

18-Year-Old Injured by Negligent Recycling Company Suffers Several Broken Bones

Rubbish collection workers, waste management, recycling

After a young employee was injured clearing a blockage, HSE has fined the recycling company responsible for the workplace accident. The employee fell through a waste chute, 4 meters above concrete. A fellow employee spotted the fall and attempted to catch him using the telescopic handler he was riding in. However, the machine operator only served to hit the falling employee with the waste bucket, which resulted in several broken bones.

HSE’s investigation concluded that the waste recycling company – PG Skips Ltd – did not risk assess or provide a safe method for working with blockages. There was no consideration for the possibility of a fall from height accident whilst working with the waste chutes. Inspector Sarah Baldwin-Jones said after the hearing:

“This significant injury to an 18-year-old employee in his first employment could have been easily prevented. The remedial action taken to prevent future blockages implemented after the incident had no cost implication for the company. Employers should make sure they properly assess and apply effective control measures to minimise risks from clearing blockages.”

Accidents from Working in Waste and Recycling Companies

Working in the recycling and waste management sector is extremely dangerous. Whilst it only employees 0.4% of the UK’s working-population, it is responsible for some of the highest rates of death, injury, and industrial disease or all sectors. Particularly, the machinery used by waste handlers is exceptionally hazardous. Employees need to make sure that the hazards are observed and mitigated to protect the lives of their workforce. Failure to do so can leave them also liable for fines, sentencing and a tarnished reputation.

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