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Accidents Involving Moving Vehicles at Work — Claim Compensation

If you’ve been hit by a moving vehicle in your workplace, be it a forklift, lorry, or anything in between, we can help you claim work injury compensation. Contact us today to get no-obligation guidance on your accident, at to find out if you have a no win, no fee* claim.

Workplace moving vehicle accidents in the UK

Accidents involving moving vehicles at work aren’t particularly common, but they are exceptionally dangerous. The second-highest cause of fatal workplace injuries were from workers being struck by vehicles, with 30 fatalities in the 18/19 period alone. In comparison to other accidents at work, contact with a work-vehicle is statistically more likely to result in death than a non-fatal injury.  

However, this type of injury isn’t associated with road traffic accidents, which don’t come under the jurisdiction of workplace injuries, except for traffic accidents on private land. We can offer a sister service to help with that at Accident Claims UK.

Can I claim compensation on behalf of a loved one who died during a vehicle accident at work?

Absolutely. If this has happened, and you’re able to act on the deceased’s behalf, we can help you seek justice for the work accident. All we ask is that you gather as many details about the moving vehicle accident as possible and call us on 08082391859^ to speak to our advisors. We will assist you in a friendly, understanding and empathetic manner.

What is considered to be a workplace moving vehicle accident?

Any environment that make use of transport methods to move large-scale products or large volumes of goods will make use of vehicles. Being hit by these vehicles, be they cars, trucks or forklifts, however minimal the contact with them is extremely dangerous. Whereas being struck by a moving object can still happen around vehicles, like when unloading from a truck, it counts as a separate accident type. Vehicles used in the transport industry, such as trains, can still pose a risk to workers in track maintenance; even if it is an obvious risk, it is still resulting in accidents.

In effect, so long as you are in a work environment, being hit by a moving vehicle should not be something you have to worry about, and it certainly shouldn’t be something that results in injury.

Moving vehicle - tractor - agriculture, forestry and fishing industries across the UK - workplace accidents and ill-health
Farming crops in the UK

What industries have workers most at risk of being hit by a moving vehicle?

At 25% of the overall struck by moving vehicle fatalities in the last five years, Agriculture, forestry and fishing take the brunt of the accidents. Predictably, transport and storage industries take another significant percentage of these accidents, at 20% for the same period. Construction companies see a 14% share of injuries in this category also.

Unfortunately still for the railway sector, of the 92 members of the public killed by work-related accidents, around a third occurred around railways.

Other industries are still at risk from moving vehicle accidents, with wholesale, retail, and vehicle repair often working closely with these types of hazards. Manufacturing, as well as mining and quarrying involved with handling large quantities of materials, which require moving.

Close up of tarmac rolling moving vehicles with construction workers
Close up of tarmac rolling vehicle with construction workers

How can workers be protected from being struck by moving vehicles?

When it comes to non-fatal injuries, being hit by a moving vehicle only accounted for a few percent of the overall RIDDOR reported injuries in 18/19 — but at 69,208 overall workplace accidents, it is still a substantial number. The HSE references such measures to prevent such accidents at work as “simple” — in essence, they are about responsibility, management, and visibility. Employers responsible for sites with moving vehicle need to make sure that:

  • All people involved know their role and responsibilities.
  • Clear site instructions are given to people driving vehicles from outside companies, like lorry drivers.
  • PPE is available to those operating in the vicinity of vehicles, like high-vis jackets.
  • Training is provided, so drivers know how to properly use vehicles, like with fork-lift trucks and the like.
  • Traffic routes at work are clear so that there are evident divides between pedestrian workers and those operating vehicles.  
  • Vehicles and environments are properly risk-evaluated, especially when it comes to vehicle maintenance.
  • Visitors also need to be clued into practices to prevent these accidents.

What body parts are most likely to suffer injury from a moving vehicle accident?

Generally, the whole body is at risk. Being struck by a moving vehicle can result in serious injury to multiple areas at a time. Less severe accidents might result in injuries to the arms or legs, with more drastic collisions resulting in brain damage or an injured spine. The likelihood also is that you’ll suffer long-term discomfort from your injuries, such as musculoskeletal disorders, which can have ramifications to your livelihood and quality of life. Regardless of severity, speak to us if you’ve been involved in such an accident to discuss your claim for compensation.

What should you do after having an accident involving moving vehicles at work?

Accident books need to be filled out regardless of how bad the injury was — it helps establish an official record and paints a picture of the factors leading to the accident. Getting accounts from colleagues as witnesses of the accident will also help to support your claim if you pursue compensation. Photographs also help to show the environmental factors that resulted in the workplace injury.

Building work on city road in Scotland with Moving Vehicles
Building work with construction vehicles on a city road in Scotland

Can I claim for being injured by a moving vehicle at work and receive compensation?

In contrast to a lot of other accident types, the situation surrounding being hit by a moving vehicle is pretty cut and dry. Whilst people are ultimately responsible for their personal safety, your employer needs to make sure you work in a safe environment that prevents accidents from factors essential to the performance of the company. If your employer has failed in these duties, they could be considered negligent, even if the accident was partly your fault. Speak to us on 08082391859^ to go over the details of the accident and how we can help you claim damages against your employer.

What advantages do I have if I claim compensation for being hit by a moving vehicle with Workplace Injury Claims?

  1. We have a team of technical qualifiers who can assess your claim for free. If they feel you have a case, we bring your claim to one of our panel solicitors — that way you don’t run up any legal fees by just asking questions.
  2. Our telephony team is open 24hrs a day, but you can leave them a message with our contact form, and they’ll get back to you within a few working days.
  3. Our panel of workplace injury solicitors can work on a no win, no fee* basis, meaning again, you’re not drumming up expensive legal fees by claiming for your personal injury.
  4. The team covers the whole of the UK, and you’ll be assigned a panel solicitor depending on if you’re in England and Wales, or Scotland.
  5. Our panel solicitors have helped thousands of injured people claim compensation.
  6. We can also help with rehabilitation; arranging physio as part of a whole accident management package.
  7. Our UK call centre is based in Manchester.
  8. We fight for the maximum compensation for your work injury, because ultimately your job is to make the company successful, and they should at least ensure your safety in exchange.
  9. When we calculate your claim amount, we factor in loss of earnings, general expenses and any ongoing costs incurred by the injury, so that you get the highest level of compensation due to you.
  10. We’re friendly, empathetic and here to help you however we can.
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