Asbestosis Lung disease from Asbestos exposure at work

Asbestosis Disease — Claim Compensation for Asbestos Exposure

If you are suffering from Asbestosis because of past exposure in the workplace, we can help you claim compensation for your illness. Speak to our team for expert legal guidance and a free claim assessment today on 08082391859^.

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is an asbestos-related industrial disease that damages the lungs of people who have made contact and inhaled asbestos fibres. It is a form of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis which scars and inflames tissue overtime, like other lung diseases.

The condition of asbestosis can take years to manifest in workers, often up to decades before symptoms become clear, therefore it is irreversible and chronic. Whilst the disease is not always fatal, there have been a number of deaths with references to the illness, some 517 in 2017 alone, but it seems there’s likely much undiagnosed asbestosis — being mistaken for other fibrosis.

The whole of the UK has seen asbestosis mortality rates more than triple in the last few decades, with higher rates in the north-west and north-east of England, as well as the south-west and Scotland.

Can I claim on behalf of a loved one who died from Asbestosis caused by work?

We can help families claim compensation to support themselves after losing a dear one to asbestosis, or complications arising from it. Get in touch with our specialist advisors for empathetic and friendly guidance on making a no win, no fee* claim — we’re on 08082391859^ 24/7.

Shipbuilding industries construction manufacture past asbestos usage exposure, preventing asbestosis and mesothelioma

What industries have workers that are most likely to develop Asbestosis?

For the most part, workers in construction and manufacturing pre-1980 are especially at risk of asbestosis, as well as the other asbestos-related conditions. Shipbuilders are particularly noted for high risk from frequent asbestos exposure in that type of workplace. Even though asbestos is now illegal in the UK, working with existing asbestos in the building industry is still a hazard for workers.

What can be done to reduce or prevent industrial diseases from exposure to Asbestos?

Like all other asbestos related diseases, such a mesothelioma, effective training and personal protective equipment are required by law to prevent inhalation of asbestos fibres causing asbestosis. Failure to do so is illegal and breaches your employer’s duty of care to you. If your workplace has done this, speak to us to discuss claiming damages on 08082391859^.

Asbestos protection against expsoure and diseases like asbestosis
Construction worker safely removing asbestos

Which areas of the body are most effected by the condition?

Asbestosis effects the lungs on a long-term basis by causing inflammation and scarring, mostly around the bronchioles, as well as alveolar ducts and walls. This can happen over the course of several decades and can cause shortness of breath or even respiratory failure. It is unfortunately irreversible. More information on asbestosis symptoms.

What should you do if you’ve been diagnosed with Asbestosis from work?

Upon medical diagnosis, your doctor should lay out a plan to cope with the disease. Quitting smoking has been documented to help ease discomfort from asbestosis.

When possible to do so, you should speak to our workplace illness specialists on 08082391859^ to discuss claiming compensation for your disease. We offer a free claim assessment and a no win, no fee* service.

Protected with PPE construction employees safely removing asbestos, preventing asbestosis and mesothelioma

Am I likely to have a case to claim compensation for Asbestosis?

As with other asbestos-related diseases, asbestosis has clear links to workplace environments and practices that put you at risk. In doing so, your employer has breached their duty of care and as such, there are grounds to seek compensation.

Even if the company has ceased trading, which after a few decades is entirely possible, we can help track down the responsible insurance company and look for damages there. Speak to us if you’re at all unsure about your claim on 08082391859^.

What advantages do I have if I claim work-related Asbestosis compensation with Workplace Injury Claims

  1. We have a team of technical qualifiers who can assess your claim for free. If they feel you have a case, we bring your claim to one of our panel solicitors — that way you don’t run up any legal fees by just asking questions.
  2. Our telephony team is open 24hrs a day, but you can leave them a message with our contact form, and they’ll get back to you within a few working days.
  3. Our panel of workplace illness solicitors can work on a no win, no fee* basis, meaning again, you’re not drumming up expensive legal fees by claiming for your ill health.
  4. The Workplace Injury Claims team covers the whole of the UK, and you’ll be assigned to a panel solicitor depending on if you’re in England and Wales, or Scotland.
  5. We have a UK call centre, based in Manchester, and come from all walks of life.
  6. We have helped thousands of sick employees claim compensation.
  7. Not only that, but we fight for the maximum compensation for your occupational illness, because ultimately your job is to make the company successful, and they should at least ensure your health and well-being in exchange.
  8. When we calculate your claim amount, we factor in loss of earnings, general expenses and any ongoing costs incurred by your condition, so that you get the highest level of compensation due to you.
  9.  We’re friendly, empathetic and here to help you however we can.
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