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Building work on city road in Scotland faulty equipment

Faulty Brakes Seriously Injure Construction Employee Operating Truck

Building work on city road in Scotland faulty equipment

A company’s failure to maintain the working condition of a dumper truck has caused and employee to suffer serious personal injuries. Nelson Plant Hire, of Andover in Hampshire, neglected to keep the brakes of a key vehicle in working condition and have since been fined by HSE for the incident involving the faulty equipment.

The workplace accident, which took place in May 2018, saw a large articulated dumper truck working on top of a steep slope, near a public road. The operator of the truck began reversing down the slope to tip out the contents, but the brakes failed to respond. This caused the operator to lose control of the vehicle, which crashed backwards out of the construction site, across a major A-road, and fell onto its side, leaving the operator with severe injuries, including broken ribs and a punctured lung.

HSE’s investigation revealed that Nelson’s was not performing maintenance on the vehicle as stipulated by the manufacturer’s instructions, resulting in faulty brakes. The company pleaded guilty to breaching Provision and Use of Work Equipment – Regulation 5 – for not maintaining the truck. They were fined £10,000 and ordered to pay in excess of £8,800 in costs. Dominic Goacher, HSE inspector, said:

“It is essential that construction plant is correctly maintained, and all plant operators need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in respect of maintenance. Companies should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

Have you been injured by faulty equipment at work?

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