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Retail, Wholesale & Vehicle Repair — Claiming Employer Negligence

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Retail, Wholesale & Vehicle Repair — Health & Safety in the UK

Retail is one of the cornerstones of living in a capitalist society. The ability to purchase goods to improve or assist the lives of consumers has enabled a multitude of industries and jobs to be created. Retail is fairly ubiquitous throughout all the UK. Yet, for what is considered to be a relatively safe profession, it has one of the highest rates of workplace injuries of all sectors across the UK. Accidents in the form of manual handling, especially in wholesale trade, as well as contact with moving vehicles, typical in motor repair, are a dangerously common hazard that have seriously injured a multitude of retail, wholesale, and vehicle repair employees.

We hold retail employers responsible for when their policies and practices have caused you pain or suffering. We aim to see you compensated accordingly. If you feel like your employer or workplace is at fault, speak to our team of negligence experts. We’ll be able to assess your claim free of charge, and provide our services on a no win, no fee* basis. Call now on 08082391859^.

UK shopping center - Retail, Wholesale

What roles are included in the retail, wholesale and vehicle repair sector?

The sector is divided into two distinct groups — the sale of goods either to businesses as wholesale or consumers as retail, and the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. The grouping is in line with international industrial classification section G, and collectively employs 12% of the working population of the UK.

In retail, roles include the sorting, grading and assembly of products, as in packing and bottling. Wholesale includes much of the same, but on a larger scale, often in warehouses, and is somewhat more hazardous given the more industrial scale and focus of the operation.

Vehicle repair also includes the sale or trade, online and offline, as well as the repair of motor vehicles, including trucks, lorries, motorcycles, and cars. It also encompasses washing, polishing and general maintenance of vehicles.

The sector generally concerns itself with buying and selling goods for end consumer use and as thus makes a large contribution to the economy both domestically and internationally.

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In wholesale, retail, and vehicle repair, what are the most common types of workplace accidents resulting in injury?

The retail sector shares a lot of commonality with food and accommodation services when it comes to workplace accident types. For the most part, handling objects does tend to put people at risk of injury, as do objects moving of their own accord. What is also concerning are the number of violent acts against workers, especially from difficult customers and bullying from colleagues. The top categories of accident are:

If you’ve been involved in any of these types of accident, or any others, whilst working, and you feel your employer may be responsible for your injury — contact our specialists. We can help you identify if you have a claim for compensation and provide our services on a no win no fee* basis. We’re available on 08082391859^ 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about your accident.

Do the workers of retail, wholesale, and vehicle repair experience any fatalities?

Unfortunately, there are a number of yearly fatalities of workers in vehicle repair, wholesale and retail. The numbers fluctuate at just over 10 workplace deaths a year, with lethal contact with moving/falling/flying objects being the top offender, and being killed by moving vehicles following suit. Falls from heights and becoming trapped by things collapsing or overturning are also recorded, which they follow trends with all industries as a whole.

If you have lost a family member and/or loved one to injuries whilst working in retail, wholesale or vehicle repair, speak to our team of experts. We can help you seek financial justice for the accident with our panel of expert employer negligence solicitors. We’re available on 08082391859^ whenever is suits for you to call.

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Retail worker serving customers

What occupational illness are typical in the retail, wholesale and vehicle repair industry?

This sector does have a significantly smaller number of work-related ill-health cases in comparison to other industries. Still, if you’ve ever known someone to work in consumer-facing retail, you know it to be a stressful occupation. Depression, anxiety, and stress are common when dealing with difficult customers, lacking or abusive management or co-workers and a lack of job security. Coupled with the generally low paid hours, staff often working multiple jobs or long hours, this can lead to poor mental health, with very little financial freedom to change employment situations or spend timing recovering.

Musculoskeletal disorders are also common, especially in wholesale when dealing with large volumes of goods, and in retail where heavy objects like furniture or white goods can overtime develop into, for example, back pain and achy limbs.

Cross section view of the lungs organ

Vehicle paint technicians in the repair and sale field are also highly at risk of lung diseases and even occupational cancers from working with paint fumes when not equipped with proper PPE and ventilation. Often the symptoms can be disguised as cold and flu and a such can go undetected and become worse overtime.

For most of these illnesses, it can be tricky to claim compensation unless the effects on your person have been severe, chronic or caused by systematic negligence from your employer. We are happy to help you in ratifying your claim and will help you build a case for negligence if we think you have a genuine cause to seek compensation. Speak to our team on 08082391859^ — it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Accidents resulting in injury when working in Retail, Wholesale

Claim compensation for an injury or illness from working in retail or wholesale with our solicitors.

With an injury rate of 2,220 accidents per 100,000 workers, you might be surprised to learn that it is higher than that of manufacturing — which is widely regarded as a dangerous profession. This is estimated to be between 65,000 and 75,000 retail, wholesale, and repair workers injured in the workplace by accidents every year.

No matter how you’ve been injured or how you’ve suffered, speak to our team if the problem is a result of your employer or workplace. We can help you build a case for compensation on a no win, no fee* basis. Our team is available 24/7 on 08082391859^ and will give you a free claim assessment and guide you through your claim.

What advantages do I have if I claim for employer negligence compensation with Workplace Injury Claims?

  1. We have a team of technical qualifiers who can assess your claim for free. If they feel you have a case, we bring your claim to one of our panel solicitors — that way you don’t run up any legal fees by just asking questions.
  2. Our telephony team is open 24hrs a day, but you can leave them a message with our contact form, and they’ll get back to you within a few working days.
  3. Our panel of employer liability solicitors can work on a no win, no fee* basis, meaning again, you’re not drumming up expensive legal fees by claiming for your personal injury or illness.
  4. Our team covers the whole of the UK, and you’ll be assigned to a panel solicitor depending on if you’re in England and Wales, or Scotland.
  5. We have helped many people claim compensation who have worked in retail, wholesale and vehicle repair.
  6. We can also help with rehabilitation; arranging physio or, in harsher situations, surgery and medical treatment. Furthermore, we offer a whole accident management package.
  7. We have a UK call centre, based in Manchester, and come from all walks of life.
  8. We fight for the maximum compensation for you, because ultimately your job is to make the company successful, and they should at least ensure your safety in exchange.
  9. When we calculate your claim amount, we factor in loss of earnings, general expenses and any ongoing costs incurred, so that you get the highest level of compensation due to you.
  10. We’re friendly, empathetic and here to help you however we can.
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