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Farmer’s 4-Year-Old Nephew Killed in Fatal Telehandler Accident

telehandler tractor accidents at work solicitors

Brian Nutter has received a suspended prison sentenced after a preventable telehandler accident killed his young nephew on the family farm. The workplace accident took place in 2019 and involved the young boy – Harry – riding on the footplate of a telehandler. As Brian Nutter turned the vehicle in the field, Harry fell from his position. He was crushed to death under the wheels of the telehandler.

HSE’s investigation into the telehandler accident that claimed Harry’s life found a lack of safety measures that were supposed to prevent an accident involving a child. Namely, children under 13 are prevented from riding or using agricultural vehicles. Vehicles are a notoriously common cause of workplace accidents, especially fatalities. Footplates are also advised against for everyone as place to ride on such vehicles. Telehandlers are very commonly used vehicles in construction, as well as agriculture.

A guilty plea was issued by Brian Nutter for breaching section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work Act. A 26-week prison sentence – suspended for 18 months – was issued for the telehandler accident. He was also served with a community order for 250 hours of unpaid work, as well as a £5,154 fine. Shellie Bee, the HSE inspector involved in this tragic accident, said after the hearing:

“This is a deeply sad and upsetting incident for all involved. Harry, a four-year-old child, lost his life in what was a wholly avoidable incident caused by a failure to protect him from farm work activities. Harry should not have been allowed to ride on farm machinery.

Farms can appear to be exciting places, but they are busy workplaces with moving machinery and vehicles, livestock, chemicals, and many other significant hazards.
Each year, children are killed and many more are seriously injured as a result of farming work. Often the child is a close relative to those managing and running the farm.

The best way to keep children safe, particularly young children, is to keep them out of the farm workplace altogether.”

Harry’s mother and father, Sarah, and Martin, have expressed hopes that this tragic telehandler accident will change attitudes of families running farms. Sarah said:

“Farming is a lifestyle and a way of life. If we could go back and make different decisions and do things differently, we would certainly do so. We have had to learn the hard way.

The dangers to children on farms are often not appreciated when you live with them, but they should be at the forefront of all our minds every single day.

I hope the effects of Harry’s accident will change the attitude of people living on farms and make them think twice about the dangers their children are exposed to and how easily accidents can be avoided.”

Martin added:

Harry, so passionate about farming even at four-years-old, was very much my legacy, the person who would take on the farm. His death has traumatised and deeply impacted the whole family.”

Have You Been Injured in a Telehandler Accident?

Working with vehicles is incredibly dangerous, especially for those around the vehicles. Telehandler accidents are not uncommon in the UK. The fallout of them can be tragic, just like in Harry’s case. If you have been injured by a telehandler, or have lost a loved one in such an accident, we can help you claim compensation.

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