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scaffolding injury accident compensation claims solicitors

Scaffolding Company injures two employees after scaffold collapse.

scaffolding injury accident compensation claims solicitors

A company, operating in London and based in Kent, called RPS Scaffolding Ltd, has been fined after non-conforming scaffolding collapsed to cause injury to two workers in August 2020. The scaffold was erected without the necessary strength and stability calculations, leading to an entirely preventable workplace accident.

The workers were on site to decorate a property in London. After accessing the top lift of the scaffold, the structure immediately collapsed. This left both workers with a fractured shoulder, and one with a fractured elbow and wrist. This could have also led to the injury of the occupiers of the building, and other members of the public.

The HSE investigation found that the scaffold was assembled to an unconventional configuration, rather than the safe standard configuration scaffolding should be erected in. This, combined with the lack of loading calculations, led to a predictable – yet avoidable – workplace personal injury for two workers. As a result, the HSE fined RPS £40,000 and awarded costs of £4705. HSE inspector, Adam Thompson, remarked after the hearing:

“The Work at Height Regulations are clear, where scaffolding is erected that does not conform with a generally recognised standard configuration then strength and stability calculations shall be carried out.”

“RPS Scaffolding Ltd.’s failure to do this resulted in a scaffold that was unsuitable for its use that collapsed within the first morning of its use, injuring two people and putting the public at risk.”

Have you been injured whilst working with scaffolding?

Whilst scaffolding has been a staple of the construction industry across the world for many years, health and safety can still be lapse. Despite years of regulations in the UK for working at height, employers still can skirt the laws, if not caught. It’s a shame it took two injured employees to shine like on the negligent practices of this company, and it’s not an isolated incident.

So, if you have been injured working on scaffolding, make sure you speak to our team. We’ll provide you with a free claim assessment, to determine if there is blame. We’ll also give you an estimate on your injury compensation, and information on how no win, no fee* works for accidents at work. Call 08082391859^ now.


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