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Using industrial saw to cut metal in manufacturing - hand arm vibration syndrome hand injuries

Unnecessary Workplace Practice Sees an Employee’s Fingers Severed by a Bandsaw

Using industrial saw to cut metal in manufacturing - hand arm vibration syndrome hand injuries

An employee who replaced and lubricated a bandsaw – a totally unnecessary practice – has had his fingers severed in an accident at work. The worker had replaced the blade of the saw after it had begun to squeal and emit smoke. Whilst applying the lubricant to the new blade with a cardboard tube of wax as it operated, his hand was drawn into the bandsaw. He lost most of his two middle fingers in the injury.

An HSE investigation found that the company – Hanson Springs Ltd – had made it standard practice to lubricate the saws to speed up operating time. This, instead of using the self-lubricating function of the machine, which was somewhat slower (and evidently, safer). The operational management of Hanson Springs was apparently unaware of the system in place to manually lubricate the blades and was not able to properly risk assess the risk to health and safety.

Furthermore, the manufacturing worker had been provided training on the usage of the machine from a superior. But despite this, the training was deemed inadequate, with no competency assessment in place. The employee felt uncertain of using the machine unsupervised, and yet was tasked with such a clearly dangerous practice.

All of these factors led to the employee’s fingers being severed in an entirely preventable accident. Peter Lennon, HSE inspector, said after the court hearing:

“This incident could so easily have been avoided. Employers should ensure they carry out an assessment of the risks and put in a safe system of works for the operation of all machinery. Employers should also ensure that adequate supervision, instruction, and training is provided to workers.”

Hanson Springs of Rochdale, Lancashire, pleading guilty to their breach of Section 2(1) of the Health & Safety at work Act. They were fined £200,000, as well as £5,394 in costs.

Have You Had Your Fingers Severed in an Accident at Work?

It’s no surprise that industrial workplaces can be dangerous. It is entirely the responsibility of your employer to make sure that all systems and practices are appropriately risk assessed. Furthermore, it is also vital that all staff are deemed comfortable working with machines and other hazardous equipment. If your employer has failed their duty of care to you in this respect, with the view of shaving-off some time, then they are negligent, and liable for accident compensation.

If your fingers have been severed by a bandsaw, or any other type of machinery, you need to be compensated. This will reflect your pain and suffering, as well as any future reductions on your earning potential caused by your personal injury.

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